Pound for Pound & Vão Vivê Na Arte Suave

We are glad to be able to support the great  Vão Vivê Na Arte Suave project and help the kids
to get a better future in Brazil.
Vão Vivê Na Arte Suave is a project that runs Gi donation drives to send to Community Programs in Brazil that teach underprivileged kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for free.
Vão Vivê mission is to bring together the worlds of BJJ's fortunate with BJJ's less fortunate.
The Pound for Pound team isn`t only interested in the future of the sport, we also take responsibility to help the others because we see our future in the kids. We strongly believe that hand in hand we can create a better life for the kids teaching them the values of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
With every purchase you take, we donate 3€ to the 
Vão Vivê Na Arte Suave project.
Be part of it and help the kids!